• In 2016, two human beings met in Berlin. Their names were Gounis and Layerlove. One was a programmer, the other a graphic designer, and both suffered from terrible headaches; creative passions tormented their minds. So, they sat down and tried to find a solution to their problem. An agreement was quickly reached, and the two beings seized their axes, heaving them into their rough palms and opening their own skulls with repeated blows. Then, from their heads sprang the armored Black Zeus, devoted to artistic creation. Since then, Black Zeus has given substance to comics, art books, and prints with their maiden work being the fictional newspaper The Heroic Affair of Mr. Gouneberg.

    Black Zeus website was designed by Layerlove and developed by Gounis. comics[@]gounis.org

  • Gounis is a multicellular, eukaryotic organism that belongs to the kingdom Animalia. He is a comic writer, artist, self-publisher, and software developer. His home is planet Earth and he was first composed in Thessaloniki in 1982 due to random natural procedures combined with the spring urges of his creators. Coming of age found him studying Computer Engineering at the Technical University of Crete. However, he is aware of what the sun looks like. A few years later, though, he totally forgot what the sun is since he moved to Stockholm for his masters in Software Engineering of Distributed Systems at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. In 2009, he was beamed up to Berlin, where he now resides and works as a Web Developer. comics[@]gounis.org

  • Michael Kavvadias started from nothing and was born as something. From there he evolved into a son and then into a brother. Later, he became an enemy of lentils, a Lego maker, and a student. His career continued as a waiter, aspiring musician, DJ, and babysitter. In adulthood, he learned to love lentils, promoted records, took off an airplane, made 13 tons of popcorn, and won an award for a movie soundtrack without even playing an instrument. Since 2001 he has been working as a graphic designer and living between Berlin and Kythera. layerlove[@]gmail.com